World Options Account

When you use the services of World Options you agree that you are an authorised representative of your company and that you are opening an account with World Options for your company.

By ordering services from World Options you, and your company, understand that you will not receive transportation services directly from World Options but that you will receive discounted billing from World Options for shipping services provided by a carrier or carriers.

You agree to the terms and conditions in the World Options Account Application form. You agree that the information provided in the World Options Account Application form for the purpose of obtaining credit is warranted to be true.

You agree that World Options may cancel your account at any time without prior notice for any reason or no reason.

Subject to the Terms and Conditions of Carriers

You agree that all shipments are subject to the terms and conditions of the carriers, as well as these terms and conditions. You agree to become familiar with each carrier’s terms and conditions, which can be found on each courier’s websites and/or air waybills prior to tendering any shipments.


You agree not to resell the services of World Options to other companies, and you agree to immediately notify World Options if another company is found to be using your World Options account. You agree that any quoted rates may change if the characteristics of the actual shipment differ from those reported by you such as: weight, dimension, commodity or any other conditions not accurately described at the time the shipment is processed.


You agree to the above terms and conditions of use and the payment terms on the World Options Account Application form.

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