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Previously, I owned a franchise in the Ice Cream and Yogurt industry. The problems that I dealt with were:

1) a huge lease payment on my storefront every month,

2) dealing with employee problems

3) dealing with product freshness and keeping the equipment running.

After I sold that business, I was looking for a franchise without those same issues. I found World Options. No storefront is required, I don’t have to have any employees if I don’t want to, and… I’m in the shipping industry but never have to touch a box! It’s perfect.

Plus, I have made more money in my first year with World Options than 3 years with my previous franchise. This is truly a unique opportunity.

  • Kevin Albertson
  • - Idaho

We started our World Options franchise over three years ago and it’s been a brilliant experience. For us, as a couple, it gives us the flexibility to enjoy the lifestyle that we are used to but still build a good business.

We work as a team looking after our business customers and bringing new customers on board. World Options works because we are offering a great shipping system which businesses find invaluable, as well as excellent account handling service for our customers. Whenever we have needed support the World Options customer service team are always there to provide the answers and solutions, so you feel you are not on your own.

Our business just keeps growing and now we are enjoying the life changing financial rewards this brings

  • Izabela & John Drake
  • - Bournemouth

We started our World Options franchise three years ago having worked as sales professionals previously. In that time we have built up a good customer base and the business is going really well. The company has continued to improve the online shipping portal which is brilliant for our customers. For us it is important to look after our customers and answer their queries in a timely manner.

The support we get from the World Options customer service team and accounts department are brilliant. We have huge potential for growth and have expanded our business with the addition of staff to help us.

The model is great and customers don’t realise that this solution is available to them. The more businesses we can meet the greater our potential for growth.

We highly recommend the World Options franchise opportunity, you need to have a certain profile to be able to put in the work required to make this a success, but if you are prepared to put the work in the results are there to be achieved.

  • Russ Thornton & Steve Brock
  • - South Manchester

I became a World Options franchisee in 2014. Having previously worked in the courier industry, I knew exactly what I was looking for. I decided that World Options had the best franchise offering for me as a business professional and I was right, because the rest, as they say, is history.

I employed a team of staff who look after our customers, this has helped us grow rapidly.

Our success is also down to being fully dedicated and driven towards growing my World Options franchise. I've put in the hours and have been business savvy.

These efforts and drive have paid off.

You have to have clear expectations of what you want to achieve from a business and then just go for it.

  • Simon Douglas
  • - Guildford

We were both young university graduates who didn’t want to do the typical thing of starting a 9-5 job working for someone else with little reward. We’d had some experience in sales and both realised we’d like the opportunity to build our own business. But being young graduates and new to working life we didn’t have huge amounts of money to start something from scratch.

We decided to join forces and start our business by becoming part of the World Options franchise. In just 3 years we’ve turned this franchise opportunity into a really successful business. Our profit margins are reaching new levels and we are earning sums which we could never have imagined. It’s been a really good learning experience and we’ve loved the journey. It helps when you can see your hard work paying off.

The training and support we receive from World Options has been first class.

  • Matthew Mansfield & Cameron Wilkey
  • - Liverpool

I became a World Options franchise owner because I wanted to build a business that my family could be part of. For me the franchise is something that can provide financial security for the futures of both my son Nathan and son-in-law Ross. Now after just 2 years, they both run the business while I can now take more of a backseat. I am absolutely delighted that I decided to become a World Options franchisee.

I’ve been in the carrier and franchising industry for many years but this is the best franchise I’ve been part of. I was introduced to the World Options online shipping portal by chance and soon realised what an amazing tool it was, it allowed me to simplify my shipping needs, I heard there were franchising opportunities and knew I wanted to become part of the business. It was the best decision I ever made.

My dream was to have a family business that would provide a residual income that we could build on with a real opportunity for growth. I believe we have done that and the business brings us excellent income and keeps growing year on year.

  • Leland Mayall
  • - Oldham

After myself and my wife were made redundant I knew I never wanted us to be in that position ever again. I wanted to start a business that would succeed, so I took the opportunity and bought a World Options franchise. I run the business with my wife Sil from home as it allows us the flexibility of family life.

I have to say I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to start a business. In just 3 years we have built a successful business. Our company is expanding and we have recently recruited staff because our list of clients has really grown. That’s one of the great things – it is a business that you can start small and build on. Having less overheads means we can achieve a greater profit margin and residual income.

It has definitely changed our lives, we have more financial security and freedom. We can now treat ourselves to luxuries, for example 3 years ago I was driving a very average old car, this year we recently bought our dream Range Rover. I never thought we’d be able to afford such things. World Options are definitely unique in the industry with great tools which business customers need. That’s why owning a World Options franchise is such a good business idea.

  • Sil & Lucky Chana
  • - Leicester

My early career was as a gymnast and then as an acrobat, which I enjoyed immensely. I moved into acting and had a successful career for 20 years, securing roles on television and on stage. But around four years ago, I started looking for a more steady job and something that I could rely on in the future. That is when I found out about franchising opportunities with World Options.

Three and a half years later, I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved. World Options has become my main career and enables me to enjoy acting on the side without the constant pressure and concern over when the next role might come in. I’m my own boss and responsible for how well my franchise performs, but I have the support of World Options and the other franchisees. This is incredibly valuable when you’re operating alone. The independence is one of the main advantages of franchising.

My advice to those considering franchising is to absolutely go for it, but don’t do it blindly. Spend plenty of time researching and thinking about the type of work you want to do beforehand. World Options suited me as I can work from home and choose my hours whereas other franchising opportunities require owners to establish and man physical premises.

  • Gary Cross
  • - North West London

I started my World Options franchise in 2012 with no experience and a background in illustration. I remember being petrified the first time I picked up the phone to talk to a client. It was fine though and the more I did it the more I got used to it. I quickly realised, I just needed to be able to talk to people.

5 years later and I have consistently grown my client base, and I’ve reached a point where I employ people to help with sales and customer care. I am very pleased with how well my business is doing and how it continues to grow.

Running a World Options franchise fits in with my life, which as a working parent is extremely important to me.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this business to other working mums or indeed anyone who wants to grow a strong business with a steady residual income and have the flexibility of working flexible hours. The training and support from the World Options head office and customer service team is fantastic.

If you can talk to people, are willing to put the calls in and be persistent, you will reap the rewards.

  • Catherine Turner
  • - Preston

I used to work in financial services, but when I had my kids I decided to become a stay at home mum and home school my children. After a few years of juggling being a mum, home tutor and wife I realised that my children were growing up seeing that mummy doesn’t go to work and doesn’t earn money towards our family. I’d lost a little bit of my independence and I missed my old self. I realised that was the wrong message I wanted to portray. I wanted them to see that mummy is independent, she does have a job and helps towards the family finances.

I started researching and noticed so many franchises available for women were in beauty products, cleaning or childcare, which was the last thing I wanted to do. I came across World Options and I knew it was perfect for me, all I needed was a laptop and a mobile phone. Now I run my business from home when I want.

Becoming a business owner has helped build my confidence so much. Financially I can’t express enough how it makes me feel to be able to treat my children often, and contribute towards family holidays. I don’t worry about bills anymore, it has given us a huge financial buffer.

It sounds corny but I can’t believe how much owning a World Options franchise has really changed our lives. I would absolutely recommend it to working parents looking to get back into work, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

I feel so excited about the future right now, my business is growing, our family is benefiting and best of all my children are proud of me

  • Emma Siddy
  • - Aberystwyth

I worked as a courier with a global carrier company for 6 years and I really enjoyed the work. In that time, I gained a deep understanding and interest in logistics and the shipping industry. I looked into starting a business by joining a franchise and thought, using the logistics experience I had, it would be an obvious fit with my knowledge to choose a franchise that was in the shipping industry.

When I started my World Options franchise I didn’t have any experience in sales, so I chose to speak to customers with a friendly and honest approach, I find this is the easiest and most natural way to build good business relationships. This has helped me build a good customer base as well as my knowledge in the industry.

Over the past 3 years the business has grown steadily, I brought on a business partner, Paul, who has had a big impact on the business due to his knowledge of the retail industry. We share the workload and the same Customer Service ethic which has helped us double our turnover.

  • Paul Egan & David Strong

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