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From Zero to 75 Franchises in 5 years

How have World Options gone from Zero to 75 franchises in 5 years?

Franchise Director of World Options explains the secrets to their success.

One of the fastest growing franchise businesses – With over 75 franchises in the U.K and internationally, World Options have proved to be a real contender as a highly lucrative franchise business opportunity which works!

Warren Ferguson – Franchise Director reveals:

“Our top earning World Options franchisees are making a yearly gross profit of £200 - £500k+, which is astonishing, how many people can say they earn early half a million pounds a year? Not many.

Becoming a World Options franchise owner has changed the lives of many of our franchisees, they work flexible hours, have low overheads and are now earning sums they thought were never possible. For me that’s the greatest joy, seeing franchisees reach their full potential.

After franchising in the industry for many years, I have seen massive changes and growth. The digital age has changed the way consumers buy products, a huge increase in online shopping has meant the need for delivery services has increased dramatically. This is where World Options come in, we offer businesses who have shipping needs a first class, highly competitive online parcel delivery and courier service at the click of a mouse.

We at World Options have significantly grown as a company, but we are always looking for individuals who are thinking of starting a business to join us as franchise owners.

What we offer is a franchise opportunity which works. We take the risk out of starting a new business by offering a product, a plan, a method and a platform for a new franchisee to work from.

  1. When starting a new business what holds people back are the risks involved.First you need a good idea, product or service to offer which consumers want, need and are willing to pay for. We have this already sorted.
  2. Second, you need the capital, in some cases you need hundreds of thousands to start and run a business. We have already spent that to produce a product and a service which works. So, the typical start-up cost of becoming a World Options franchise business owner is £29,995 + vat.
  3. Third, it can be a little daunting starting a business all on your own. With World Options, you are not on your own, you will get in-depth training and support. Your clients will be supported by our super-efficient customer service and accounts department. Leaving you free to run your business.

For individuals who want to know more about joining our team of World Options franchisees, feel free to contact World Options, we are always available for a confidential chat to explain how it works and to see if World Options is right for you.”

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