by Angela Delaney

How important is work-life balance as a Franchisee?

Work-life balance is often one of the key reasons as to why you would want to become a franchisee. Unlike working for an employer in a regular 9-5 job, joining a franchise gives you a degree of independence that can allow you to set your own hours, and to put in as much - or as little - time as you want into the business.

This type of flexibility can help you maintain an even work-life balance, for example allowing you to work from home or the local coffee shop, nip to the shops when you want, leave early to pick up the kids from school, or even take a three-day weekend.

However, the success of the franchise can only ever be as much - or as little - as the franchisee is willing to put into it.

And so, the amount of importance that an individual franchisee may place on the work-life balance depends on each person and their circumstances. With no office to go to, and no boss hovering over your shoulder, there is nothing to stop you from working over ten hours a day, every day if you wanted - just as there is nothing to really stop you from doing the bare minimum.

While most World Options franchisees tend to stick to office hours, there are some who prioritise childcare, hobbies, and other pursuits, and they make sure that their franchise work fits around these issues, and not the other way around.

So, how important is work-life balance to a franchisee? Well, it is as important as you want to make it. The best thing though is that, unlike other professions, this balance is down to each franchisee’s personal preference and choice, and not anybody else's.