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Our history and values

World Options was established in 2003 and has since grown into a leading provider of simple and affordable shipping solutions for businesses.

The firm was founded by Stewart Butler, Group CTO after years of experience working with leading international shipping companies.

Back then there were fewer carrier companies on the market, which was dominated by the big names in the industry such as DHL, UPS, TNT and FedEx.

At that time many small to medium-sized businesses that had shipping requirements had to ship their goods manually by making telephone calls direct to the carriers and completing shipping rate sheets themselves.

But this presented a problem - there was very little visibility of what would happen to their shipments after they were collected, and it would take hours upon hours for those businesses to contact the carriers to find out what was happening with their shipments.

An industry-leading online system

Stewart knew that there had to be a better way. Things needed to change in order to move away from this very time-consuming, manual process many companies across the UK had to go through every time they had shipping requirements.

His aim was to create an industry-leading online system that would allow businesses to do everything digitally and in 2010 their goal was achieved. Developed by Stewart, the World Options online portal was born.

We have invested heavily in the portal ever since, so that all of our customers’ needs can be met with the click of a mouse. Businesses can log in and view multiple quotes in seconds, make an instant booking, get access to flexible tracking options, and rely upon our dedicated account manager just a phone call away.

The launch of the portal transformed our business, meaning we could take on more customers and larger volumes of business shipments.

Better shipping rates for businesses

Another important goal for us has always been to offer our business customers significantly better shipping rates than they would otherwise expect.

By harnessing the power of bulk buying, our customers have the opportunity to save considerable amounts of money on their shipping requirements and relax in the knowledge that their goods will be delivered by a leading brand they know and trust.

Be Global

Our brand slogan is “Be Global”. This very much symbolizes who we are, what we do, how we work, and our attitude towards expansion.

Partnering with the largest carrier companies in the world really opened up the possibilities for the brand and helped us enlarge our vision for World Options.

We are proud to say we have gone from a company with one small office and a team of five, to now employing hundreds of people across our head office, franchise network and global offices.

And in 2016, our global vision became a reality - we expanded with offices in Australia, Belgium, Netherlands and Singapore.


In late 2017 our offices in the USA opened for full operation and expansion offering World Options online shipping services across America. Leading our USA expansion is World Options Group CTO - James Edwards. James and his team have already built excellent working relationships within the shipping industry and have expanded the business. Our aim is to increase our customer base and offer business customers the best possible shipping rates and service across America

What can World Options do for your business?

We know small, growing companies can be pulled from pillar to post when trying to meet the demands of their customers, suppliers and staff, as well as other financial and commercial commitments.

While we can’t relieve all of your work pressures, we can help make sure that logistics is never again the cause of any needless business headaches. That’s why we exist: to offer you access to the lowest shipping rates possible, along with an easy-to-use system, so you can focus more of your time, efforts and resources on other parts of your business.

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World Options in the Community

Corporate and social responsibility (CSR) is extremely important to us, and we are constantly striving to help our employees develop, our local community to flourish and the charities and organizations that are important to us to grow as much as possible.

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Our People

World Options is led by a team of people who have decades of experience in the international shipping and courier industries.

Meet the team and find out more about their experience and expertise by visiting our People page.

Get in touch

If you have a question for us, feel free to get in touch with the team. Simply call +1 888 308 5116 or visit our contact page and complete the online contact form.

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